Learn to Speak the Language of Music   

Not Just Reading Notes or Chords.


Where Would You Like To Start?

Set my child get started on a good path ahead

Your child's first 2 years of music training represent a significant period in his or her musical growth, laying the groundwork for future successes and potential achievements through music. We will engage in a worthwhile process to ultimately create a great future for our students.

We offer fun, interactive and quality music programs for toddlers, children and teens in PIANO, GUITAR, UKULELE, VIOLIN, EARLY CHILDHOOD and THEORY.


Develop a passion for music while learning sound skills

Our students achieve amazing growth and results when musical training is infused with a passion for music: two elements that work together to breed success! 

Accordingly, our instructors are all passionate musicians and experienced in coaching students to develop sound skills. 

You will feel inspired to experience music making at a deeper level and trained to master skills that will gift you the freedom to express yourself through music.


Become certified & launch your teaching career 

If you have a desire to help others achieve what you've achieved, you might enjoy and experience new levels of fulfillment through teaching: which is also the best way to learn!

Click below to more about how we can help you get started on the path toward a teaching career.

This is an ideal opportunity for advanced piano students ages 16 and 25.


Programs 2023

We are currently accepting new students for the following programs. 

Adult Guitar Club

Do you enjoy the company of local, like-minded guitar enthusiasts? Or perhaps you're ready to graduate from your role as a YouTube tutorial junkie? If so, this club is perfect for you! 


Toddler Tunes

Calling all toddlers between the ages of 18 months to 3 year old!  Bring your parent or caregiver to a fun and interactive music class where you'll feel the rhythm, enjoy finger plays, active movement, keyboard exploration, singing and so much more!


Music in Me

This foundational readiness small group program for 3 to 4 years olds touches on ear training, solfege singing, movement, keyboard activities, pitch and rhythm awareness.

Parents can enjoy the opportunity to partner up with their student in class and at home for extra fun and quality time!  


Private 1:1 Lessons

Are you interested in receiving personalized instructions so that you can achieve your specific goals at your own specific pace?

Try our popular online or in-person private lessons and take your growth to new heights!

This opportunity is available for students both young and mature (ages 5 to 85!) in PIANO, GUITAR, UKULELE, VIOLIN and THEORY. 


Why Grace Notes?

Comprehensive musical experience

We are all born with innate musical senses, but specific training is required to fully understanding the language of music both intellectually and intuitively - and ultimately use it to express your feelings! Our instructors will guide you to dive into a wealth of musical language while developing instrument-specific skills. 


Multi-sensory immersion

True music training is never linear. While we typically start with rote learning due to its natural tangibility, our trained instructors will quickly move you beyond this point and open your senses open up to experience and the ability to express music from within. 


Coaching & accountability

All successful people in the world enjoy help from coaches, understanding they can bypass unnecessary struggles and achieve greater success more quickly with professional support. In the same sense, our instructors are here for you to help you become a greater version of yourself through your musical training.


Don't Invest in Traditional Music Lessons 

Did you know that research states 82% of adults wish they took music lessons as a child and only 31% of children currently take music lessons? Moreover, who knows how many of these children have truly experienced the joy of expressing themselves through music? 

I’ve met countless "former" pianists who lament that they never enjoyed their lessons or touched their piano again after earning a specific RCM certification. One thing they have in common? They only learned music in the traditional way, with too much empasis placed in reading notes rather than total musicianship. In the absence of written notes, they are musically mute. I know the corresponding sense of humiliation and embarrassment because I was once in their shoes!

At Grace Notes, we guide our students to experience a deep sense of joy and satisfaction from learning the language of music so that they can use these feelings to express their unique selves: not become slaves to sheet music. Rising to the occasion as confident performers and achieving high scores on exams are inevitable side effects as our students grow up to become well-rounded, thriving musicians. 

Join us TODAY and embark on your exciting journey with us!

Meg Ozaki


Jill (parent)

"We are very happy with our lessons, they are a good combination of fun & learning. You guys are so patient and kind to the kids, and have a real talent for teaching. Sophia enjoys going to class and practicing, which is great. I speak very highly of you guys to our friends!"


Adrienne (parent)

"My daughter absolutely loves taking piano at Grace Notes. She has learned so much in a short period of time. The lessons are so much fun. Ms. Meg is such a wonderful teacher. It is never a struggle to get her to practice between lessons."

Annet (student)

"Grace Notes Music Academy provides superior quality music lessons to all age groups. All the teachers I’ve had were professional. In particular, piano instructor Jessica’s friendly attitude made my classes more memorable. The administrator also promptly provides any letters and receipts upon request. Highly recommended!"


Grab this simple 15-page guide to demystify music theory

Theory is to music what grammar is to language. Without a proper understanding of the same, you'll never become fluent in the language of music. This guide breaks down complicated theory information into a simple and practical framework that anyone can understand. The result? Readers will feel empowered to improvise and/or create their own music!

Grab your own "A Beginner's Guide to Scales & Chords"

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